June 2014 round – Previews

This round is themed ‘Vikings’.  Check out these previews of the incredible items available starting 20th June! (nb: previews added daily – be sure to check back often.)

.mien. {Valkyrias} _LODE_ Accessory - Viking Necklace {RW} Storheim Table Set +half-deer+ ad-gefion bde88a11a29c08f0a3b9a945fa5c492a cf38b279281c084881724bca1a28ad5b eb4e93c9e39b293995f8e9115770269c iduna black add 1 iduna brown add 1 Noodles - Astrid Sandals Noodles - Eric Shield Peach S Raging Avenger AD VALKYRIE EAR VENDOR VikingFeastSEt Wings of the Valkyrie special edit

{RW}-Storheim-Table-Set vikingwareyes_littlepricks_ad TFC-April-pics TFC April pics (3) Tavern-Viking-Dress---[ef] Tavern-Viking SYSY's-AESA-PosterTFCjune SivBrownAD SivBlack AD Ragnar Norse-Marshes-Fitted-Mesh-Gown-Set-Sigrid Norse-Marshes-Fitted-Mesh-Gown-Set-Runa Norse-Marshes-Fitted-Mesh-Gown-Set-Freyja Norse-Marshes-Fitted-Mesh-Gown-Set-Eydis Norse-Marshes-Fitted-Mesh-Gown-Set-Alhilde norse_paintedserpent_littlepricks_ad LincAD Kalopsia---Viking-Set Hart---Silver Hart---Gold Frogstar---Sigrun's-Lodge-Poster Forge-Chainmail-Collar-Steel Forge-Chainmail-Collar-Silver Forge-Chainmail-Collar-Gold Forge-Chainmail-Collar-Black Collage---Helm-Of-Awe ~Chimeric-Fashions~-Viking-Helm[ SAKIDE ] Iona Dresses for TFC__B&C__ Fenrir Bracers Female__B&C__ Fenrir Bracers Male__B&C__ Fenrir Preview_OAL_ Ari Furniture Collection~Tableau Vivant~ Lindgren Hair _ADV~Tableau Vivant~ Viking Hair _ADMe-viking axe vendor .__cubic cherry kre-ations__.pekka noir spike collar blackened steelpekka noir spike collar brasspekka noir spike collar titaniumpekka noir spike collar rustyVelvet_Whip_AD_Longboat_Table_Set