Blogger Team Applications Now Open

Blogger applications for the blogger re pool have now closed, but don’t fret if you missed out!  We invite you to submit your application regardless to be put on the waiting list.  Thank you!


Being our one year anniversary of opening, The Fantasy Collective Management team have made the decision to clear the entire blogger group and re-open it for blogging applications.  You are invited to apply (or reapply) and bloggers will be voted upon by a management team to keep things fair and objective.

Applications opens 27th July and will end on 7th August.

The new blogging team will be announced on the 10th August.

A reminder of criteria:

1. Minimum of 6 months blog age.

2. Must be willing to post at least 1 post before opening of event and 2 after. (Total 3 post per round minimum)

3. Your blog must contain quality photography. What does this mean? Taste is a matter of opinion. But, we except crisp clear shots with little editing that does not hide or alter the actual item than is being photographed. No overly contrasted hues or film grains.

4. We will need you to post your pictures in the Fantasy Collective flickr pool.

Application link:

TFC Blogger Application

Thank you,

 Imogen Jie

On behalf of The Fantasy Collective team.

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