August 2014 round – Previews

Check out these previews of the incredible items available starting 20th August! (nb: previews added daily – be sure to check back often.)

TFC also has a new home, so be sure to delete any old landmarks you have stored.  The new event location has been chosen and the build is almost complete!

August’s theme is all things New Orleans!  Think Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vampire’s, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Papa Guédé, All Saints Day, ‘The Originals’.

Stay tuned for previews and the new event location/SLURL.









{RW} Roughed Up Docks Build Setfaida_baronnevendredi_ad







227969 (1)227969 (2)

Spyralle Crown of the Bayou - TFC AugustThe Fantasy Collective - A T T I C (1)

The Fantasy Collective - A T T I C (2)laveau necklace ad Cubic Cherry TFC august

Voodoo Boots Ad

[theSkinnery] Zuri @ TFC ad



[Stitched] Glitter Flats AD[Stitched] Alys Flats AD


Frogstar - Swampland Shanty PosterHarm's Way Bayou Baron in gold ad

Kalopsia - Take Five Jazz Set



Isabella - CreamIsabella - Green

Isabella - RedIsabella - Sea

Isabella - Silver

French Quarter Priestess Fitmesh Set Ad-TFC 8-14

[LJ] Oh Crawdy Gacha part 2[LJ] Oh Crawdy Gacha part 1


BayouNailsChimeric Fashions Aug. FC Masks

Izzie's - Blood Vial_Fang JewelryIzzie's - Blood Vial_Fang Necklaces (male)

LaCatrinaAdVoodoo Skull

Mad Hanger femaleMad Hanger male

Mad Pants HudSwampMossAD

SwampMudADVoodoo Crown, Collar & Bracelet - Sweet Lies Original jpg

Voodoo Priest Mask, Earring & Hat - Sweet Lies Original jpgOrsiniRed Waiting For The Night All

OrsiniRed Waiting For The Night CloseShrunken Head Potion Canteens Ad - [ef] Eskimo Fashion





3 thoughts on “August 2014 round – Previews

  1. […] A new round of The Fantasy Collective opens today at 12PM SLT and it’s all about everything New Orleans. So expect everything from voodoo to witchcraft, vampires and Mardi Gras. I’m wearing the DRD witch doctor mask and staff along with the Noodles Arcadia sandals. I was looking for a place to take this picture and came across a well done bayou, only after I had landed in another place where I was attacked by a bunch of zombies. Only in SL, right? Take a gander at some of the items you’ll be able to purchase later today here! […]

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