Your September Shopping Guide!

It’s time to pillage and plunder with a Viking inspired round of The Fantasy Collective.  Here is your shopping guide!


The Fantasy Collective in August!

The Fantasy Collective is taking you to the Bayou and world of voodoo and mysticism!  Enjoy some fabulous shopping and be sure to check back for updates!

The Fantasy Collective Shopping Guide!

The Fantasy Collective is back, and so is their awesome shopping guide.  Be sure to check this out and keep coming back for the updates!


June Lootbox Shopping Guide

Here is your June Lootbox Shopping Guide! Click any image to see it larger. Please check back as this page may be updated!

March Lootbox Shopping Guide!

This post may be updated so be sure to check back if your favorite designer’s not here just yet!

December TFC Lootbox Edition Guide!

Here is your shopping guide for this special all gacha, Lootbox Edition of The Fantasy Collective! Please check back as designers may be added.


September TFC Shopping Guide!

A new round of The Fantasy Collective opens at 12:00 am SLT on September 22nd! Here’s the shopping guide for this round. Click any image to see it larger! Also, please note that this guide may be updated as designers submit vendor ads, so do check back! Enjoy. ❤